The 2017 Digital Woman Day reveals its programme


Digital Women’s Day (JFD) is structured into 3 different areas for 3 original experiences.

In the (GET) INSPIRE(D) area, treat yourself to a moment of inspiration with our international speakers who will deliver their vision of a better world. Their talks will be mobile: JFD Walks, invitations to learn while walking, to benefit from other's thoughts in order to move forward.

In the NETWORK area, broaden the field of possibilities through our networking area open to the general public.

In the EXPERIMENT area, discover the innovations of our  #ForABetterWorld committed partners.

To support the “For A Better World” theme, a vocabulary of action is linked to each of our speakers and partners who will present their commitment to write, #act and #build for a better world!

This year, the #JFD17 goes the extra mile and, for the first time, organises an “After” from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with an evening programme. Continue your conversations in the networking area. Escape with our musical programme. Continue to discover tomorrow’s technologies with our partners.

You can now discover the complete programme of #JFD17! Don’t hesitate and book your “Day”, “After” or “Day + After” through our ticket office!


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