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La Journée de la Femme Digitale - Digital Women’s Day (JFD) celebrates the audacity of enterprising and “interprising” women who successfully promote the vision of a future world: a digital world where women will be central to all initiatives. Founded and launched in 2012 by Delphine Remy-Boutang and Catherine Barba, JFD has already organised 3 events at the Palais Brongniart and one at the Folies Bergère, attracting a total of more than 30,000 participants on- and off-line.

In the past 5 years, several companies have represented the various aspects of the digital world: from start-ups to major groups. In all, more than 60 committed partners have supported us, embodied by our enthusiastic speakers.

With lots of opportunities for meeting, sharing knowledge and experience, JFD offers a caring insight into the synergy of talents and initiative-taking by women and men today. The overall goal is to highlight great ideas and innovations that put these enthusiasts at the cutting edge of the creation of a better world.

How to listen and act in a changing world? How can digital technology help make a better, more responsible and fairer world between men and women? How to move from idea to action to make digital technology a positive resource in everyday life? These are just some of the issues that JFD has raised in the past 5 years. After having encouraged women to dare, innovate and do business during the first JFD, the second event looked to the future with its theme of “Change the Future".

JFD15 set out a driving impulse for its participants: “Adopt the digital attitude!” For its 4th session, Digital Women’s Day (JFD) brought together more than 3,600 participants at the Folies Bergère on the theme of “Meet the Future” with three highlights: inspiration, respiration and innovation.

Determinedly forward-looking, the 5th edition of Digital Women’s Day (JFD) revolves around the theme of “For a Better World”. #JFD17 is the opportunity to think about and explore the range of possibilities to build a more creative and egalitarian world. Let’s network, experiment, inspire !





JFD is an inspiring and altruistic annual event, celebrating women’s innovation. Since the first edition, our ambition has been to make women want to dare, innovate and do business through digital technology.

During this day which is free and open to an increasingly broad public, we want to showcase today’s innovations to a maximum number of people to create the world of the future. This year, our partner area has been renamed “Experiment”. It will give an insight into this world which is already palpable. We guide our participants through this better, fairer and more egalitarian world for women and men. In the future that we unveil at each JFD, we do not simply leave room for women.

We open the way for them into the future where they will be players to reckon with and will make all the difference. We are convinced that women, men and organisations need to unite.

In our plenary session, we also want to present really accessible role models with whom everyone can identify and find inspiration to break down the barriers; Admittedly, doing business is not easy, and sometimes we come across obstacles just because we are women. It is therefore necessary to show how to go beyond what is presented as a disability, reverse the stigma and fulfil projects. These testimonials of successful women and of committed men, are genuine positive messages.

As you know, we are making the JFD the ultimate networking forum. This key annual event offers our participants the opportunity to discuss the various projects of interest to them on the basis of innovations, digital technology and gender equality in the workplace.

Let’s celebrate the optimism of determination...for a better world!


the bureau is a digital agency set up by Delphine Remy-Boutang. It is established in France and the UK to support its clients in an international digitisation process adapted to market constraints and habits.

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